Our Solutions Across Industries

We understand that different industries have unique payment needs. Explore how our payment solutions cater to various sectors, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and more.

Gaming and Hospitality

Discover seamless payment solutions tailored for the dynamic world of gaming and hospitality. Cashpoint brings innovative technology to enhance the customer experience, streamline transactions, and optimize operations in gaming establishments and hospitality venues. Elevate your business with our specialized solutions designed for this vibrant industry.

Hospitality POS – Restaurant/Café

Transform your restaurant or café with Cashpoint's Hospitality POS solutions. From efficient order processing to secure payment transactions, our point-of-sale systems are designed to enhance the overall dining experience. Whether you run a bustling restaurant or a cozy café, Cashpoint's technology ensures smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Retail POS - Bottleshop

Experience the future of retail with Cashpoint's Retail POS tailored for bottleshops. Our point-of-sale technology goes beyond traditional transactions, offering features that streamline inventory management, provide customer insights, and ensure secure payments. Discover how Cashpoint's Retail POS elevates bottleshop operations, making every transaction a breeze.

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